Therapeutic Body Massage

Our expert massage therapist will restore your sense of well-being with combinations of deep tissue, acupressure, Swedish, reflexology and other therapeutic techniques.

60 min $90.00
90 min $130.00

Hot Stone Therapy

Imagine a therapy that utilizes the natural healing properties found in the earth. Hot Stone Therapy combines the human touch with a taste of nature to restore balance and vitality. Stones harvested for this treatment are typically basalt stones created by volcanic activity. They are high in iron and therefore perfect for retaining heat. The warmed, oiled stones are used to soothe the body. You will experience relaxation and healing at the deepest level with hot stones relieving stress and tension. Visit us for wonderfully soothing Hot Stone Therapy in West Palm Beach.

HOT STONE THERAPY: 30 min $55 -  60 min $95

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