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Facials in West Palm Beach

At Fleur De Paris, a facial is all about the experience you receive. Along with a wonderfully pleasing experience you will love the amazing results. You walk away relaxed, refreshed, renewed, and beautiful. Visit us for superior men's facials, women's facials, and facials for teens. Call us for the best facial in West Palm Beach.

Classic French Facial

Consultation and thorough skin analysis are followed by deep cleansing, exfoliation, gentle extractions; and a relaxing acupressure and lymphatic massage of the face and neck. We complete with a soothing mask and an aromatic hand and foot massage.

60 min $95

    Environ Expert Facials

    Environ skin care products contain medical grade ingredients free from fragrance, preservatives, colorants, and animal extracts proven to nourish, repair and renew skin at the cellular level. Environ skin care concept is based on the use of intensive Vitamin therapy for the skin. The products contain high effective dose of vitamin A, vitamin C and E (powerful antioxidants), peptides (botox-like products) and growth factors. Environ Expert facials are the most advanced medical grade facial treatments available today.


    Environ ® Hydrating Facial

    An intense and luxurious hydrating facial for dry or sun-damaged skin. A lactic acid mask adds moisture as it gentle exfoliates. Vitamins A and C are infused into the skin to help to restore moisture and firmness.

    60 min $105

    Vitamin C Revitalizing Facial

    An excellent anti-aging facial, this superb treatment infuses the skin with concentrated Vitamin C. Your skin will be brighter, firmer and more radiant.

    60 min $105

    Environ Problematic Skin Facial

    This treatment helps to purify and balance oily and acneic skin. This facial is exfoliating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

    60 min $ 105

    Environ Age Management Resurfacing Facial

    One of the most advanced approaches to unwanted signs of aging. Appropriate Environ serums are used to treat and resurface the skin. 

    60 min $125

    Bellanina Facelift Massage

    I am a certified Bellanina Facelift Massage Specialist. Facial massage can help make the surface wrinkles less visible, slow down the formation of new ones and keep facial muscles from succumbing to our most formidable enemies: gravity and time. The Honeylift massage produces a soft, smooth, natural improvement. We finish the Facelift Massage with a chin" tie-up" to set the effects of the toning massage techniques and Honeylift. While relaxing in the "tie-up", you will receive a hand and foot massage.

    60 min $95

    6 sessions $430

    12 sessions $760

    Teen Skin Care

    At fleur de Paris, we educate teens on how to properly care for their skin using easy to follow home care regimen. The Acne range of Environ Skin care is a medical grade product line that we customize for each individual. Properly managed, these treatments are highly effective without significant irritation. We consider that an appropriate home care regimen associated with series of light peels is the best treatment for mild to moderate acne.




    Teen Facial with light peel

    Excellent for acneic skin. It includes at light TCA peel and a soothing alginate mask

    60 min        $75
    Series of 3 $175


      Skin Care for Men


      Our skincare treatments, specially formulated for men, combine effectiveness with quality. Today's men are receiving more facials, skin treatments and body treatments than ever before. Achieving results means restoring and maintaining youthful, radiant skin.


      "Intense Energy Facial"

      Designed specially for gentlemen, it softens your skin and beard for easier exfoliation and deeper cleansing. This facial helps to reduce the irritating effect of shaving and correct damaging results from sun exposure. Your skin will feel smooth, well hydrated.

      60 min $95

      Back treatment

      This deep-cleansing back treatment softens blemished skin. The back is cleansed, exfoliated and steamed to open pores, encouraging the removal of impurities. Then, a detoxifying mud mask is applied. This treatment finishes with a light massage with a moisture application, leaving the skin smoother and more radiant.

      45 min $70

      Shaving Care

      Over time, your skin becomes irritated and damaged from daily shaving. At fleur de Paris, we recommend high quality products to keep your skin smooth and clean:

      Tend Skin is an exceptional product that reduces razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and rough skin build-up caused by shaving. This exfoliating and anti-inflammatory product will leave your skin looking clean, less irritated and much smoother.

      Environ ® AVST gel is a light gel rich in Vitamin A, C, and E. It is more that a regular moisturizer, it nourishes the skin keeping it youthful and healthy.

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