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fleur skin care

 Spring Rejuvenation


90 min Massage $95

Book your therapeutic massage, custom massage, and Swedish massage Today
Our certified massage therapist can pinpoint the tension in your body and relieve each area of stress, soothing pain and relaxing your body and mind


LPG Body Endermologie $95

A unique, non-invasive way of shaping your body.
Release Fat/ Smooth Cellulite/ Firm the Skin

The treatment is France’s best kept beauty secret and is used by 300,000 people daily around the world. It is completely pain free, does not involve scalpels, injections, chemical products or any side effects

Amazing results in few sessions


Facial Rejuvenation
Choose from


Facial Microdermabrasion & Oxygen Facial $125

to smooth, brighten , hydrate the face


CoolLifting: $150

An alternative to filler to plump and lift


Series of 3 Environ TCA Peel for Rejuvenation $390

to resurface the skin texture, and stimulate the collagen production



fleur skin care


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