Environ Electro-sonic DF Treatments

Environ skincare is a globally recognized science-based skincare range.

The Environ electro-sonic DF machine is the most effective machine in the world today for enhancing penetration of active ingredients into the skin. Different skin conditions can be treated: skin aging, pigmentation, acne, rosacea. Different active ingredients are used: Vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acid…


60 mins

We use the Environ® peeling system, one of the safest, most effective peeling methods available today. It consists of a series of light chemical peels. This series is equivalent to one deep peel but without the risks and downtime associated with a heavy peel. We can choose from four specially formulated +skin peel systems in varying strengths (TCA peels and lactic acid peels) to meet your specific needs.

Environ Fusion Peel Treatments

90 mins

These advanced revolutionary treatments combine an Environ chemical peel with effective treatment modalities to enhance the delivery of powerful active ingredients to treat specific conditions.

Cosmetic Microneedling

Cosmetic Microneedling using the Environ® Gold Roll-CIT

After preparing the skin, the cosmetic needling is performed using the Environ® Gold Roll-CIT. It is followed by the application of an Environ TCA cream peel and the infusion of Vitamins and growth factors using the Environ® Ionzyme DF machine.

This combined treatment gives excellent results for skin firming. It improves fine lines and even the skin tone

One session   $230

Series of 3 $620

Series of 6 $1100


60 min $195

Nano Needling is a needle-free alternative to micro-needling. Unlike micro needling that uses actual needles to create micro-injuries, nano needling uses a tip with silicon pyramid like pins. These pins have a diameter smaller than a strand of hair and promote exfoliation and deep penetration of products into the skin. Nano needling creates micro injuries that trigger the healing process with stimulation of collagen production.

There is no discomfort or downtime.

It can be used by itself, or as an addition to facials, peels, and microdermabrasion.

It is recommended to be done in a series of weekly and bi-weekly treatments for the best possible results.

2B Biopeeling

2B Bio Peeling: A Peeling and Micro-Needling Treatment

2B Bio Peeling is a 100 % organic peeling with no “down time” usually associated with chemical peels. This peeling is unique. It is not an acid but a 100% organic peel. It contains skin lighting agents and micro-needles. You obtain a peeling effect (skin becomes smoother, brighter) and a micro-needling effect that stimulates the collagen production.

2 B Biopeeling improves skin texture, lines and wrinkles and even skin tone. It is an excellent treatment for hyper pigmentation. This peel can be performed on any skin type including sensitive skins that usually do not tolerate classic chemical peelings.
The results are plumping, filling, smoothing, lightening and generally complexion- enhancing.

It can be used as a “one –shot” beauty treatment or as a cure with 6 treatments (done weekly) up to twice a year.

One treatment $175
Series of 6 $875


We are excited to be the first to offer a new revolutionary non-invasive anti-aging treatment in Palm Beach!

CooLifting or the “Beauty Gun” is a non-invasive state of the art anti-aging, plumping and lifting treatment. It combines a cold CO2 gas flow with high pressure and a hyaluronic acid solution. CooLifting delivers superior skin hydration, increased luminosity, and improvement in fine lines, skin tone, and firmness.The effects are both immediate and long-lasting.

One Session – $230
Add on to any facial $195
Series of 3 – $625
Series of 4 – $810

A 100% Natural Solution To Firm, Tighten and Re-Sculpt The Face, Neck, Hands and Décolleté In Only A Matter Of Weeks.

Real skin fitness, face endermologie® boosts the natural synthesis of essential rejuvenating substances.

Endermologie: The Technology

LPG Endermologie ® is an exclusive technology of cellular stimulation using Mecano-stimulation™ created in 1986 by the French company LPG®. LPG Face Endermologie® acts like a real skin workout. The mechanical stimulation helps the fibroblasts (dermal skin cells) to boost their production of collagen (firmness), elastin (suppleness), and hyaluronic acid (volume and hydration), naturally present in our skin. Using different settings, Endermologie stimulates adipocytes (fat cells) to efficiently release stored fat and slim double chin. This technique also helps to redraw the contours of the face with a firming action. This unique stimulation also gently exfoliates the skin and oxygenates the tissue while jump-starting microcirculation. Skin then tones, dark circles lighten up and radiance increases.


An excellent treatment to even skin surface texture, correct superficial acne scars, minimize pore size, improve fine lines and clear sun spots. If you are suffering from oily skin, superficial acne scars, photo-aged skin, sun spots or hyperpigmentation, you are a good candidate for a microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion can be done on any body parts, so do not forget your décolleté or your hands, these sun-exposed areas age as much as your face! For microdermabrasion in West Palm Beach with a trained esthetician visit Fleur de Paris.

Oxygen Infusion Treatment

30 mins – $125

Ultimate Facial with Sylvie

90 mins – $395

The Ultimate Facial is Sylvie’ s signature service. Completely customized to your skin's needs
on the day of treatment, Sylvie will combine her manual massage with the LPG Endermologie
modality to lift, sculpt, depuff, and hydrate, leaving your skin fresh and glowing.