2B Biopeeling

2B Bio Peeling: A Peeling and Micro-Needling Treatment

2B Bio Peeling is a 100 % organic peeling with no “down time” usually associated with chemical peels. This peeling is unique. It is not an acid but a 100% organic peel. It contains skin lighting agents and micro-needles. You obtain a peeling effect (skin becomes smoother, brighter) and a micro-needling effect that stimulates the collagen production.

2 B Biopeeling improves skin texture, lines and wrinkles and even skin tone. It is an excellent treatment for hyper pigmentation. This peel can be performed on any skin type including sensitive skins that usually do not tolerate classic chemical peelings.
The results are plumping, filling, smoothing, lightening and generally complexion- enhancing.

It can be used as a “one –shot” beauty treatment or as a cure with 6 treatments (done weekly) up to twice a year.

One treatment $195
Series of 6 $1050

About 2B Bio Peeling:

The originality of this 100 % organic peeling lies in the presence of the micro needles that penetrate into the skin and induce an inflammatory response by attempting to reject those foreign bodies. The exfoliation process starts from the inside out. The micro-needles create also a micro- needling effect which stimulates the collagen production.
This peel produces amazing results with brightening and lifting effects.