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LPG Endermologie

A unique, non –invasive way of shaping your body


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Over the past 30 years, LPG Endermologie proved to be the world leader in the connective tissue treatments and has introduced numerous technological innovations to enhance well-being. To date, over 10 million people have been treated with LPG techniques in over 110 countries.

LPG was founded in the mid-1980s by Louis Paul Guitay in Valence, France. Mr. Guitay invented a method to help rehabilitate damaged muscle tissue and standardize physical therapy by providing precisely calibrated and consistent massage treatments. Over time, patients noticed an interesting side effect: an improvement in the dimpled appearance of the skin.

Endermologie LPG is the world’s first patented technology to assist in the reduction of cellulite and free localized fat that is trapped below the skin.


FAQ’s about LPG Endermologie



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Release fat

LPG ® endermologie® makes it possible to target and slim specific areas resistant to diet and exercise (arms, back, stomach, waist, thighs, etc.) while precisely adapting to the needs of each type of skin.








celulite soins 512x512Smooth cellulite

Cellulite, which affects 90% of women (even the thinnest and most athletic), is the result of both fat storage in adipocytes (fat cells) and of water retention in the body.








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Firm the skin

Due to weight fluctuations, pregnancies, passing time, and other factors, the skin gradually loses its tonicity and suppleness. Even though this skin sagging affects the entire body, certain areas are more susceptible to it: inner thighs, stomach, arms, etc.









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Lighten legs

Symptoms such as heavy and painful legs or swollen feet and ankles are the result of poor blood and lymphatic circulation. Toxins build up in the organism, which explains such volume fluctuations over the course of a single day or throughout a woman’s cycle.








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Discover exclusive treatment that offers unparalleled efficiency and relaxation









One session $125

Series of 6 $595

Series of 12 $1150



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