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The Secret to True Beauty—Downtime!

Sylvie indulge me time dogFleur de Paris Spa exists to make your skin look more gorgeous, but the truth is, beauty is so much more than just skin deep. Today, more than ever before, people are seeking balance between inner and outer wellness and seeking products and services that promote this holistic goal. This Mother’s Day, we’re inspired to celebrate the little things that bring joy and peace—because when you’re glowing on the inside, you can’t help but radiate on the outside!

For Mother’s Day—and every day—here’s a brief
“To Do List” for boosting your bliss:

Set aside some “me time”
Being a mom is rewarding, but let’s face it—you probably don’t get a lot of “me time!” Whether you decide to do yoga, meditate, or just read a book, setting aside "me time" relaxes you and can lower stress levels. Lower stress can mean healthier skin!

Cuddle a four-legged friend
Did you know that petting a puppy actually releases oxytocin in the brain? That’s the love hormone, and it can make you and your pup feel adored and happy! Don’t have a pet? Do some volunteer hours at your local animal shelter and enjoy the feel-good vibe.

Sleep in this weekend
Getting enough sleep is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. If your daily grind has you getting up before the sun, give yourself a few extra hours of Z’s this weekend! 

Indulge yourself
Scheduling a massage or facial or purchasing high-quality skin care products to bring out your inner glow will give you even more reasons to smile! (Plus, your skin will thank you!)