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Massage Therapy in West Palm Beach

Massage Therapy - West Palm Beach

For massage therapy West Palm Beach style, with ideas and methods from Paris visit Fleur de Paris Spa. At Fleur de Paris we use a comprehensive approach to your massages and to your health and wellness. By comprehensive we mean that we take into consideration your entire well-being – including mental and physical aspects when we perform a massage. Smells, light-levels, noise-levels, and more are some of our many considerations when it comes to your massage. It’s important that you are relaxed and comfortable in all ways if you are going to enjoy your massage to the fullest and obtain all the benefits a massage can give. Make an appointment today for a therapeutic massage unlike any other in our area.

Fleur de Paris does Massage Therapy the West Palm Beach way, just as you may expect. By providing a unique experience in a beautiful setting Fleur de Paris brings its own version of Massage Therapy to West Palm Beach that you won't find anywhere else. Putting together a great team of licensed massage therapists to give you the calming, relaxing experience you deserve. Your memories of your last session of Massage Therapy at West Palm Beach's Fleur de Paris won't soon be forgotten.

Come to Fleur de Paris for your next massage to see just what we mean when we say “Beauty is more than skin deep.” You will leave looking and feeling so much better, younger, and relaxed, yet with more energy for the days ahead.


Licensed Massage Therapist in West Palm Beach

The right licensed Massage Therapist can make all the difference, and Fleur de Paris does what it takes to make sure that you have the finest Massage Therapists in West Palm Beach, so you can experience the most relaxing and best massage possible. It's our mission to make sure you receive the right massage every time. Your Massage Therapist is key to you having a great experience at Fleur de Paris. For instance, our Massage Therapists that do Prenatal Massages are specifically trained professionals due to the importance of this type of massage. Fleur de Paris has custom pregnancy cushions and full body pillows for this very reason. Our Massage Therapists that do the Hot Stone Massages and Aromatherapy Massages are also specifically trained in their field of expertise. Their training will enhance your experience at every session at Fleur de Paris.

All the therapists here at Fleur de Paris are Licensed Massage Therapists. We hire the best because we strive to be the best. You can receive results far beyond what you may get at larger spas because we cater to you and your needs. Wherever you go for your massage you should demand that only a Licensed Massage Therapist be conducting your session. Often, very specific techniques are employed during massages and they must be applied properly by a professional. You can be sure that won't be a concern at Fleur de Paris. Our clients deserve the best from each type of therapist no matter what type of massage. Only a Licensed Massage Therapist knows how to assist you in deciding what type of massage you need and how to perform it properly. There may be special circumstances for you if you are pregnant, because of your specific pregnancy that only a trained Therapist will know. The same goes with Deep Tissue Massages. Proper training means a better massage experience.


Body Massage in West Palm Beach

A Body Massage technique that everyone should try at least once is Aromatherapy. You will not be sorry you did. Mixing oils and aromas will stimulate anybody that's had a stressed out week, or needs their mental state relaxed and ready to begin anew. The use of inhalation bowls aid in energizing you and allowing your emotional state to go back into the past and remember the good times. A Body Massage such as Aromatherapy can rekindle old positive memories because of what certain aromas do to the brain. Another Body Massage technique such as Hot Stone has natural healing properties because the basalt stones used for this type of massage come from volcanic activity, so they retain iron which makes them great for keeping in the heat. Look at our many options for body massage in West Palm Beach, and let us know which one will suit you best. If you have questions we're always happy to help.


West Palm Beach Massage Therapy

Palm Beach, and West Palm Beach massage therapy clients want and deserve the best massage services possible. At Fleur de Paris we pride ourselves on providing only the finest professional massage services, in a soothing and beautiful atmosphere that is conducive to total relaxation. We understand your complete mental and physical relaxation is necessary in order to receive maximum benefits from your massage.


Fleur de Paris Spa for Massage

At Fleur de Paris we want our clients to receive the best massage possible. We do this by concentrating on both body and spirit. In our perfectly prepared atmosphere, you cannot help but be relaxed before your massage even begins! You have to be in the right frame of mind and your body must be relaxed to achieve the desired results, so introducing the right therapists, and using the right techniques can make all the difference in the world. At Fleur de Paris we have many massages available to cater to what's needed by our clients. Sometimes a relaxing 60-minute therapeutic massage, followed up by an aromatherapy scalp massage which has become a guest favorite is just perfect for the beginning of the week. Fleur de Paris can help you choose which massage is right for you. Feel free to contact us at: 561 653-1319

Here is a link about massage that may interest you from the Florida Board of Massage Therapy.




Signature Massage

Our expert massage therapist will restore your sense of well-being with combinations of deep tissue, acupressure, Swedish, reflexology and other therapeutic techniques

60 min $95.00
90 min $145.00


Swedish Style or Firm Pressure Massage

60 min $ 95.00
90 min $135.00


Deep Tissue Massage

60 min $ 95.00
90 min $135.00


Guests’ Favorite

Begin with our 60 min therapeutic massage accompanied by a 15 min invigorating aromatherapy Scalp Massage followed by a 15 min Feel Good foot massage with added foot scrub

90 min $145


Pre-Natal Massage

Our prenatal therapists have been trained in specific massage techniques for pregnant women. Your baby will love it too! Expectant Moms must be past first trimester.

60 min $90.00


Activated Isolated Stretch and Massage

A.I.S. combines stretching and massage like never before. You will feel more flexible, less physical discomfort and your fluid range of motion will make you smile.

60 Min-choose upper or lower body $95
90 Min -full body $145


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

M.L.D. is a hands-on massage technique designed to activate, stimulate and cleanse your lymphatic system. This specialized treatment is imperative before and after any surgery (especially cosmetic). It will alleviate bruising and inflammation and is a wonderful body detoxifying treatment.

30 min $55.00
60 min $90.00
90 min$125.00


Learn about massage therapy for health purposes.



Hot Stone Massage


Hot Stone Massage


Imagine a therapy that utilizes the natural healing properties found in the earth. Hot Stone Therapy combines the human touch with a taste of nature to restore balance and vitality. Stones harvested for this treatment are typically basalt stones created by volcanic activity. They are high in iron and therefore perfect for retaining heat. The warmed, oiled stones are used to soothe the body. You will experience relaxation and healing at the deepest level with hot stones relieving stress and tension. Visit us for wonderfully soothing Hot Stone Therapy in West Palm Beach.

60 min $105
90 min $139


Aromatherapy Massage West Palm Beach

Aromatherapy Massage


Full body relaxation massage with aromatherapy oils includes your back, the front and back of your legs (including thighs), your feet, your arms and your chest. During an hour of indulgence, this treatment will totally relax you and help drive out tensions. It’s a perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life.

What essential oils do we use?

Aroma Therapy Essencial Oils - West Palm BeachThe oils used in aromatherapy massage come from proven plant essences and are pre-blended by ourselves from a range of aromatherapy massage oils. Depending on your requirements, we’ll recommend a particular combination of oils to suit your needs.

Each aromatherapy massage oil contains up to 10 different essential oils and carrier oils (the latter used to dilute the powerful essential oils so they won’t harm your skin). It’s this combination, and our therapists’ aromatherapy massage techniques, which make your treatment so gently luxurious.

To heighten your relaxation, we also use inhalation bowls during aromatherapy massages. As you inhale the oils’ aromas, a natural chemical message is sent to your brain to trigger delicious emotional responses such as these:

  • Evoking positive memories
  • Energizing you
  • Making you feel safe and secure
  • Reminding you of times when you felt relaxed

They also smell gorgeous!

90 min $145