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Your home skin care regimen is as important as your regular treatment to achieve the best results as possible. At Fleur de Paris, we strive to offer the very best to you. We have selected skin care products widely acclaimed by skincare professionals world wide.

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The Science of Vitamin A for the Skin

“A beautiful skin for a lifetime.”

Environ is a globally recognized and scientifically proven Professional Skin Care brand that is built on science, beauty, and care. They believe that skin has a life, and that vitamin A is the “oxygen” it needs to look healthy and beautiful for life. Environ products are the international gold standard for beautiful skin. More than two decades of advanced scientific research has kept Environ at the forefront of skin care results.

Science and beauty go hand in hand. The introduction of Vitamin A into skin care formulations was a ground-breaking development in skin care. Dr. Des Fernandes, consistently rated among the top five plastic surgeons in the world, is an innovator and pioneer in this field. He was the first to use vitamin A in high enough doses to help counteract the harmful effects of the environment, pollution, and stress, and create the appearance of radiant, visibly improved skin.

Everything that defines healthy-looking, beautiful skin is a direct result of vitamin A. It is the only known molecule that helps keep the skin healthy and helps to provide anti-aging benefits. Environ products contain ultra-high potency levels of Vitamin A. It‘s where Environ began, and where it continues to lead the field.

Step-up System 

Environ has created a unique “step-up” program to gradually increase potency and has included a range of high-quality ingredients to optimize effectiveness. Our skin needs to become accustomed to extra vitamins being applied to it, Environ’s range of moisturizers in the Essential Skin Care segment contain a series of products with increasing amounts of vitamin A as well as other vitamins and antioxidants.


All the ingredients in Environ products are formulated for maximum activity. This means many things, from the formulation of the ingredients to the way they are manufactured and packaged (free from oxygen and light).

Delivery to the skin

Environ is a pioneer in technologies that increase delivery of the active ingredients by factors of up to 100. These include micro-needling, Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis. Environ also leads the industry with their patented cool peel technology that offers a unique and effective cool skin peeling solution to help treat the signs of aging and other problematic skin conditions.

Formulation & Packaging

Maximum effectiveness of formulations is maintained by preventing exposure to light, heat, air and irradiation during manufacturing.  Environ is also one of the very few skin care ranges in the world with its own sterile manufacturing facilities with dedicated chemists and state of the art technology. Each batch is scientifically tested by internationally accredited independent laboratories to check the chemical content and sterility of the product.

Environ Skin care products are packaged in specific containers which prevents light, air and bacteria from degrading formulations. Packaging ensures that all ingredients retain their efficacy.

Real Results

Environ products are results driven. All new products are developed as a result of Dr. Fernandes’ personal scientific research.  From breakouts to sun damage, skin pigmentation, dry skin or anti-aging concerns, Environ is the gold standard for tangible results

Professional Home Skin Care Products

Genuine Environ Skin Care Products are not sold directly online. They can only be sold through experts at an authorized Environ Skin Care Professional spa like ours. Call us to receive a complimentary consultation

Institut Esthederm Paris

“Skin aging is not inevitable.
To stay young, the skin needs to be reeducated, rather than overtreated,
That makes all the difference.”

Jean-Noel Thorel
French chemist, Biologist, expert in cellular biology
Founder of Institut Esthederm Paris

The Science

A physiological, preventive, and repairing approach to all types of aging.




This unique patented water is inspired by the water found in the skin. It optimizes the cellular energy environment of cells and helps skin cells to maintain their youthfulness. As the founding principle of all Esthederm formulas, it potentiates the effectiveness of skincare products.

Benefits: stimulate, energized skin, receptive to skin care




Contained in all the Esthederm face care products, it is used to slow down the main factors of biological aging by optimizing cellular energy performance.

This is a veritable AGE MANAGEMENT strategy which rehabilitates mature, aging skin and allows the skin to capitalize on its natural resources to look younger longer.

Benefits: preserves youthfulness. Younger looking skin for longer.




Active sun protection

Neutralization of oxidative stress, inflammation, DNA damage

Benefits: Preserves and protects youthfulness during sun exposure. Stimulation of skin’s self-defense against effects of UV.

Skin for Life

LSS™ delivery system

Skin for Life LSS ™ delivery system  is a nano bio-emulsion that helps the delivery of active corrective serums into the skin . This tiny nano lipid sphere is highly absorbable and provides nutrients for skin health.

This specialized sphere contains the LSS ™ delivery proprietary ingredients:

Phosphatidyl Choline –

preserves membrane integrity within the epidermis. It is used as a water binding ingredient which enhances bioavailability of other ingredients.

Potassium Wheat Amino Acids –

provides essential amino acids for protein production.

Lysine –

is one of the nine amino acids that is required for cellular and tissue repair.

MAP – Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate –

extremely stable and functional vitamin C. Enhances collagen synthesis (reduces wrinkles), prevents free radical damage and inhibits the effects of overactive melanin production. MAP has a hydrating effect on the skin and decreases trans-epidermal water loss. It is also a free radical scavenger that is photo protective.

Myristoyl Pentapeptide 11 –

is a potent epidermal/dermal stimulant. This regenerating ingredient helps restore skin elasticity and reduce fine lines. It is effective for wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.

Advanced Corrective Serums

Using the LSS ™ delivery system , corrective serums are actively delivered to the skin.

Vita A Lift + LSS™ delivery

effective vitamin A for age–defying skin results

Vita C Peptide Serum
+ LSS™ delivery

Antioxidant Skin Protection

Vital Recovery Concentrate
botanical lipids +LSS™ delivery

Protects & Nourishes Skin. Provides balance and prevents premature aging

Renewal Serum 10% lactic concentrate + LSS™ delivery

Smooth, radiant complexion

Moisture Booster hyaluronic acid + LSS™ delivery

Plumped, hydrated complexion.

Colorescience® Pro

Colorescience is a fusion of the best mineral makeup, sun care and skin care in one.

Protect and highlight your features with this all-in-one mineral makeup line design to give the skin a more even, flawless finish. Colorescience, seamlessly blends color and science to form a full line of mineral cosmetics that utilize advanced ingredients proven to give you both immediate and long-term results. Colorescience micronized minerals reduce inflammation and redness, protecting and correcting your complexion. This mineral makeup is safe for sensitive skin.

2 B Bio Beauty

2B Bio Oxygel 

Energizing extract

More oxygen, more vitality. 

Your skin recovers a second youth, your features look more relaxed and your complexion becomes radiant.

The secret of the formula

  • Perfluorodecalin: an active ingredient that increases the level of oxygen in the skin. As soon as the cellular metabolism is better oxygenated, it stimulates the production of collagen. Smoother and firmer, the skin appears visibly younger.
  • Sepicalm®: a soothing lipoamino complex enriched with magnesium and potassium that acts as a shield against external damaging elements (pollution, stress, tobacco, air conditioning, ultraviolet rays…).


Atlas®: high-performance moisturizing agent.