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Chemical Peelings

Peeling is an ideal way of treating acne (progressively improves blackheads, whiteheads and instantly dry out pimples) and aging skin. We use the Environ®peeling system, one of the safest, most effective peeling methods available today. It consists of a series of light chemical peels. This series is equivalent to one deep peel but without the risks and downtime associated with a heavy peel. We can choose from four specially-formulated skin peel systems in varying strengths (TCA peels and lactic acid peels) to meet your specific needs.


Chemical Peelings for acne:
One treatment - $125
Series of 3 - $330
Series of 6 : $635

Chemical Peelings for Aging Skin:
One treatment - $145
Series of 3 - $390
Series of 6 : $740


FAQ's About Environ® Cool peeling system