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Women's Body Waxing

Body Waxing West Palm Beach

We use a soft wax appropriate to your hair and skin types for body waxing, a special gentle hard wax for facial waxing and a French hard wax for Brazilian waxing. We are specialized in eyebrow waxing and shaping as well as Bikini and Brazilian waxing.



Classic Bikini Wax West Palm Beach


Classic Bikini Waxing

We remove about 2 inches outward from the inguinal line.




Deep Bikini Wax West Palm Beach


Deep Bikini Waxing

In addition to the classic bikini waxing, we remove a portion of hair from the top of the bikini line and a small portion of the hair from the side of the vaginal lips.




Brazilian Wax West Palm Beach


Brazilian Waxing

We remove all of the hair from the front of the bikini area, as well as the sides of the bikini line, the vaginal lips and the labia, and in between the buttocks. The client has the option to leave a small vertical strip in the front if she chooses.